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How to merge separate Mac Contacts files?  



I've been searching for instructions on how to merge into one 2 separate Contacts files from 2 different Macs.  One is a "Personal" Contacts file from a home machine - and the 2nd is a "Work" Contacts file from a work Mac - I recently left that company but backed up my Contacts. Each file has hundreds of contacts. I'd now like to merge the files together, but when I try to do an Import of the "Work" file into the "Personal" file, I get prompted that it will overwrite the Personal file.  Don't want that.  I can find lots of instructions on how to merge 2 individual contacts together, but not 2 files, each with multiple contacts.  I'm not worried about weeding out duplicates.  Any advice would be appreciated or pointers to good sources of instructions. 

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As long as you're not trying to capture groups, too… On one Mac, open Contacts, select all, and drag to the Desktop. This creates a vCard with all contacts in one file. Transfer this to the other Mac, drag it into Contacts, and all entries will get added.

If you need group support, you may have to use a third-party utility. I wonder if Synctastic would do the trick. Or, perhaps you can load the contacts on the second Mac into a separate iCloud or other account, which you can then connect on the first Mac and be able to merge with the primary account.

Thanks for your reply Ben. I'll give that a shot....