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How to repair a mac fusion drive without losing data OR How to recover data from a split drive  




Recently I inadvertently split a fusion drive. I'd like to restore the data, and if possible put it back together again.

I have been googling for a whole day and have found precious little that would lead me to believe there is a simple solution. But apparently there must be some knowledge about this somewhere, as there are data recovery companies selling their software, that claim to be able to retrieve the data. 

Does anyone have any idea where to search for the answer to this dilemma?

Thank you,


Hello, thought I should give the full information:

It is an iMac 27" I think early 2012.
128 GB SSD + 1 TB HD = Fusion drive (Core Storage technology)
The SSD is on the MB. I did not realize that it had a fusion drive. I took out the HD to try and recover some data. Then I found out, it's a fusion drive. But having split them up, now they are no longer "fused" into one. Now there is no access to the OS. So nothing really works.
We do not have backups. It belongs to a friend, we were trying to recover data.
It can only boot from an external drive now.

I wanted to try to boot into the recovery drive in order to start a terminal from there, then change the boot order so that the first boot disk is the usb flash drive, then boot into target mode to try to retrieve files. Something like this.
What do you think?

Thank you...

An update:
I actually need to recover the data from the split drive before reinstalling, so I think my question is perhaps not formulated properly. It is not about "healing" the drive as much as getting to the data. So it is about data recovery. I know there is software for sale on the net that is supposed to be able to recover data from failed fusion drives. In this case the drive did not fail, so I am hoping that there is a good chance of recovery. Just did not want to spend upwards of $300 to purchase software in case anyone has experience with data recovery and can guide. So perhaps this thread belongs in a different forum?
Thanks, again.

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If you're looking at that sort of price as being acceptable then I'd suggest that getting a forensic recovery service to do it for you might be better. In my experience (in Australia) they have a fixed fee to look at the device and confirm the "damage" and they then quote on full recovery. If you go ahead with the quote the initial fee is credited against the quoted amount. At least you're then dealing with a reputable company and a smaller up front cost.