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How to verify checksum files


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Hi all,
I recently downloaded a DMG with it's belonging .dmg.sha256 checksum text file. When trying to validate the download by opening the checksum file, I was astonished that MacOS 12.1 doesn't recognise the checksum file (without opening a terminal window). Somebody knows a neat tool or simple way to verify checksums? Thanks



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This might help you 

  1. Open terminal window.
  2. Enter command: shasum -a 256 <fileLocation> ...
  3. Press Enter. The SHA-256 checksum appears
  4. Verify that the returned checksum value matches the SHA-256 value in ETP. If the values do not match, contact the ETP administrator to download the client file again and repeat this procedure.

@heatherann123 thanks for your reply! I’m aware that a terminal command can do this. But, honestly, comparing visually a long character code - that’s not quite user and security friendly. There must be another solution for MacOS…