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iBook G4 Install Disks  



I have an old 14” iBook G4 (933mhz) and I don’t have the system disks. In searching eBay I have found a set of 2, a set of 3, and a set of 5! How can I figure out which set of disks is the ones that match my Mac before I spend $30? I have tried Apple’s tech notes and Mactracker, neither say what serial number disks go with this machine. Where do I look?

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Good question. Got links to the eBay options? That might help us narrow down with you.


Ok, I think it's the 5-disk set at that you want. 

According to Mactracker, that machine is from 2003/2004, and this all seems to sync up:

Pasted Image 8 30 18Thu  4 08 PM

Great! Thanks Dave!

Since you were able to narrow it down to the 5 CD set, I think I've found that set on Mac Repository! I'll let you know if they work. Thanks again, man.

691-4554-A,2Z,iBook G4. Mac OS X Install (5 CD set) Mac OS v10.3. Disc v1.0 2003 (CD)


Oh, nice! I had no idea about Mac Repository. Putting this as CSF into the next MGG!

I caught that! And those disks were the correct ones for my iBook G4. Thanks, Dave! 🙂