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iGlasses on Catalina 10.15.4  



Hi guys - Need a little expert help, please! With all of us moved to a work-from-home arrangement and meetings going virtual with tools like WebEx and Zoom, I've been relying on a software tool called iGlasses to help improve the webcam video quality in my home office which is notably dark and backlit behind my chair making video calls otherwise lousy. My Mac has been updated to 10.15.4 with all released patches but no beta code anyplace. iGlasses has been a Godsend but now, in the recent weeks, with whatever recent OS updates it no longer seems to function at all and I cannot get any info about this from the publisher or online. Do any of you have any experience with iGlasses on the latest MacOS releases and know of a way to make it work again? 

I'd owe ya one, big time, for a response. --Marc

I am using 10.15.5 and iGlasses works fine on Zoom and teams but not webex and Google Hangouts

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I have had a similar problem.  

The only thing that I can find is some details online from the developer of iGlasses stating that it is no longer compatible with certain MAC applications in Mojave and Catalina and it blames a change that Apple made which makes it impossible for them to correct the code.  They list application=s like PhotoBooth, Safari, and FaceTime...but this clearly includes Zoom as well.  

I bought a USB fill light for about $25 to meed my needs - but still prefer the iGlasses solution.