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iLife Support Update Fails to install but insists it wants to  



System Preferences for my laptop, running Mojave 10.14.6, insist that a "Software Update" for "iLife Support 9.0.4" is available. It says it is recommended for all users of iLife '09. When I try to install it, the installer says " The update package has been corrupted since being downloaded from the Apple Software Update Server".

There is a download link on Apple support for this update (<> dated 2/9/2010!) But it does not install either as--I'm guessing--it is too old and its signature is out of date.

I do not have iLife '09 any more...I'm running Pages 8.2.1, and Photos instead of iPhoto, for example. Interestingly my desktop, running the same OS and apps does not list this as a possible update.

Is there someplace I should go to delete a corrupted installer file? Is there something I can do to more thoroughly delete any vestiges of iLIfe 09? 

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

2 Answers

Navigate to /Library/Updates where you'll hopefully find the associated package.

Ah...thanks for pointing out that directory! Unfortunately it just contains three small plist files:


none of which seem to reference iLife....


I think it's safe to delete all three. This Reddit thread might provide further insight.