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[Solved] Install the macOS Mojave Public Beta to an external USB drive  



First off, yes I understand all the caveats about beta software ... this is on my iMac, which has been my "Apple Public Beta" machine for years now (currently running 10.13.6 beta 4).

I've got an external USB drive formatted APFS that I install the OS on.  I use the internal HD for my Movies, Music, and Pictures folders only.

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Is there any other solution sort of a Thunderbolt dock, which I don't have?




Old UNIX Guy

BTW, the external USB drive is an OWC SSD, if that matters...

I’ve installed it in VM with parallels on a external drive. It works out well and parallels seems to handle it fine. 

Thanks, Daveg65 ... I'm specifically interested, however, if anyone has successfully installed the Mojave Public Beta on an external USB SSD formatted APFS and set up as a boot drive (I think that may be the issue)?

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So let me answer my own question after all these many months of getting many views for this question but no answers...


Yes, you can install Mojave to an external USB SSD ... I did it a week and a half ago.


Old UNIX Guy