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iPhoto doesn't start after 10.14.5 update  



I'm not sure how much to make of this but all things are good at this point.

I attempted to start iPhoto for the first time after last nights 10.14.5 update.   It refused to start.   The icon in the taskbar would allow a force quit.   When restarting it would present a dialog asking whether to re-open or close open windows.

After struggling and some fruitless web searches, I decided to "try turning it off and back on again".   That appeared to do the trick.

I track it to the update because I had iPhotos open a couple of days ago (I am not a really active iPhotos user).   Since things are working, I'm posting this so others may have a chance if they see a similar problem.

2 Answers

Good catch, Ben.   Yes, it is 'Photos' not iPhoto.


To be sure, Joel, are you referring to iPhoto or Photos? The former is the old, no longer developed app with a greenish icon while the latter is the current app with multicolored icon that matches the app of the same name on iPhone.