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Is it worth it to buy an extra M1 GPU core for $70?


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When comparing M1 the 8th GPU core really worth another $70?

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I would say no unless you also upgrade the RAM to 16GB.

I bought the 8 core + 16GB RAM M1 Air because higher specs will extend the life of the laptop as every upcoming OS version will likely demand more cpu and ram just to run it so a low specs one may be good for 3–4 year while high specs one can go 4–5 year. 


If you are trying to keep the price down, then I would estimage 1/8th extra GPU performance would not make that much of a difference in the long run.

I'm assuming you are not planing on doing heavy duty graphics, video, audio processing, and I do not mean Zoom and YouTube, but lots of regular video editing and rendering into different encodings and resolutions, or mixing multi-track audio, or working on huge graphics files.