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Is Notes the best app


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Any input appreciated

I work as a self employed electrician, I get a lot of enquiries by email. I would like to keep a notebook of some kind with individual notes that I can import the email into and also add comments/updates/progress to.

I thought I'd be able to achieve this with notes but it seems tricky to make a note out of an email. I've found that you can "print" the email as a PDF then save that into notes but can't seem to do something similar on the Mac.

I tried Evernote but that doesn't seem ideal for me (although I can forward emails to my Evernote email address)

Can anyone suggest a solution?


Thanks 😀 


(I usually get a reply if I respond to the enquiry and I'd like to add their reply to the note)

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I'm confused. Are you trying to copy text from Notes to Mail or from Mail to Notes? Could you benefit from the Notes & Tasks feature of Mailbutler ( Are you looking for a more integrated CRM that connects your email, contacts, notes, and more? I use Salesforce (Essentials Edition) for the latter.