[Solved] Is there any tool yet that repairs APFS containers?  



So it seems that something is wrong with the snapshots on the SSD of my MacBook Pro - migrated to APFS via normal upgrade going from 10.12 to 10.13. It is now on 10.14.2. (I’ve never previously needed to do a clean install.) 

Disk Utility, via Recovery mode, gives me the error below. ie. It can’t fix it. 

I have a suspicion I might need to do a clone, wipe the drive, then clone back?

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Both DiskWarrior and TechTool Pro are saying the next major version will support APFS repairs and Drive Genius simply says APFS rebuild not supported.

Also note, macOS on this partition is still running OK and I suspect this background snapshot inconsistency may have existed for a while. The noticeable impact is when I run any “optimisation” that wants to check the container (like Safe Mode) and it takes a loooong time to run. But I’m getting some inconsistencies from tools that analyse how my disk space is used - with about 40GB unaccounted for even after digging deep. 


There is not such a tool so far, so no upgrade to High Sierra or Mojave is recommended. This is a deal breaker!


OK - so I created/confirmed a Carbon Copy Cloner clone on an external SSD (this Samsung T5 is pretty good!), then used a USB stick with the Mojave installer to fully erase the internal drive, then install 10.14, then created a temporary user to allow a login that could perform the 10.14.2 update, then ran Migration Assistant to pull everything back from the external SSD.

All went pretty well, though I think the existence of the "temporary" user account, which meant my usual account was created with id 502 rather than 501, caused Little Snitch to revert to "factory" rules. 

I have run Disk Utility First Aid and it now completes successfully (as below).

Tip/Discovery: First Aid seems to now allow repairs to be run on the current startup disk but says that it will "freeze" other apps while it is doing it !??!

DU First Aid successful