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Itunes / New Music App issues  



Recently upgraded to Catalina and now have the separate App for Music, Podcasts etc. I am not a subscriber to Apple Music by the way. I have a total of 179 Albums in the cloud which I have all on my phone from previous iTunes days. However, I can only see a small proportion of them now on the new music app. If I try to sync the library within the preferences section it tells me ICloud Music is not enabled. How do I do this, would I be correct in thinking that the only way is either to subscribe to Apple Music or if not then iTunes Match ?. Any help or guidance gratefully received ......thanks 

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How did you manage to get any music in iCloud without subscribing to Apple Music or iTunes Match? Those are the only ways I know of to do so.

Hi Ben,
All OK now as have subscribed to iTunes Match

Thanks for your comment though