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Does anybody know if this little app has a future? I get periodic warning when starting saying it need to updated else it will stop working. I'm on the current version (1.54).

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JollysFastVNC.1.54.(1634901) (version 1.54)

Last modifed: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 10:02 AM

Appears to be the last update (2+ years ago).  And it is 32-bit.  So unless is going to provide an update, then I think JollysFastVNC might stop working on the release after Mojave when 64-bit only apps are allowed.


I stopped using JollysFastVNC years ago.  For macOS to macOS screen sharing, I've found the built-in macOS Screen Sharing to be the best.


For VNC to Linux systems, I've found ReadVNC to be the best, especially when I need to do copy & paste between the Mac and the Linux system (both directions).


But in reality, most of my day is using iTerm2, ssh connections to Linux, firing up a tmux session (similar to GNU screen), then either working on the Linux system or doing another ssh from the tmux session to an AIX or Solaris system.


I do not really have much need to VNC sessions these days, besides macOS Screen Sharing.

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