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Keeping a (really) old Mac running, on Linux  




I am a big believer in the Free Software Foundation and I have this once glorious but still loved iMac 4,1 20" 2GHz CoreDuo that can still do the zig zag but the OS is out of date, unable to really add new tools that I love from the unix world and has a enough security holes in it to just make it sink.

So, I thought of installing GNU/Linux! If done right, It should give this machine a new lease on life, better performance and make it a usable sidekick to run some scripts and other automated tasks.

I found this great link that I am studying. It describes in simple detail, the process of getting an old Mac running Linux. I have had a few old Macs running Linux but it wasn't always a simple setup or installation process and even when I got it running I found it more of a curiosity but since having done more with unix over the last few years my interest has peaked and I am looking at this old bit of hardware with some hope.

Does anyone have some words or advice, a recommendation or two, a comment or would you like to share your experience? I would love to learn your side, even if it's just a brief comment.


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We’ve actually been having this discussion on the show. It started with MGG 730 where we talked about Ubuntu’s Install/Live CD and LibreOffice, and then again in MGG 733 when we mentioned elementary OS. 

Elementary is a flavor of Ubuntu with a different window manager that looks VERY Mac-like, in a good way. That’s where I would start.