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Keyboard cover for macbook as a gift  



Once again, hello everyone! Actually the question I was looking for your community. Tell me please, does anyone of you use a MacBook keyboard cover? I want to take my girlfriend as a gift (she has a MAC Pro) since she is very fond of order and cleanliness. I somewhere where I read that this will probably affect the temperature inside the MacBook and can cause problems. Just heard the opinion that this is absolutely useless thing. Tell me, please?

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I like the one that came with my shell. For some reason, the "wine red" version is no longer available as a standalone purchase, although I did originally buy it on its own. There are other colours available, though.


Wow. That looks great! How is it to type on? Any difference one way or another?


Wow it is great. Can you send me a pic of that cover?


Sure. Here.

and if you need to watch characteristic this cover on a link.

panda cover