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After installing macOS 10.15 Catalina, I’ve decided to look for an alternative to Knox from AgileBits (which I use to hide/secure several folders & the files [hundreds of them] in them) after I came a across a tweet that AgileBits replied to say that the app will not run on El Capitan and was discontinued in 2015, but it worked for me and still does on Catalina (although the icon for the drive is missing showing only a blank icon after installing Catalina).

I’d rather have an app that is ready to run on Catalina and that will hopefully be kept up to date for the next few years… Any ideas?


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Have you thought about using an encrypted sparse bundle image, that way you can put your files in it and if you don't keep the password in your keychain, you'd have to put in a password before being able to open it. Since it's a sparse bundle, it would also grow as you need. Since it's a feature of the OS, it will still be around for a while (presumably).


I have zero experience with sparse bundles. I'd rather not experiment with them with this task.


Sparse bundles are basically a subdirectory tree that contains lots of 8MB files (bundles). As you add storage more 8MB files are added to hold your data.


If you delete files, then if any of the 8MB bundle files becomes totally empty, macOS can delete the 8MB bundle file. If there is still some residual data in an 8MB bundle it will remain as part of the sparse bundle and the unused portion of the 8MB bundle will be put on the free list as available space for future writes.


macOS Finder hides the fact that it is a directory, but you can use right-click -> Show Packages Contents to explore the structure of the sparse bundle. Or you can look at it from the Terminal.