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Mac Mail Crashing


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I have an aged MacBook late 2008 Aluminium which I only use when I am traveling. It has been maxed out to 8GB of Ram and has had a 500GB SSD installed of which I have 112GB in hand. Has run perfectly until recently when my Mail app just crashes as soon as I run it. Tried lots of fixes none of which worked so erased and re formatted the HD and did a clean installation from a USB drive of El Capitan 10.11.6. 

I still have the same problem witch Mail crashing. I guess I can get around it by using iCloud mail but that is a bit clunky. Can anyone offer any advice or give me an alternative mail app I could use as it is just annoying.

Yes, I appreciate it is an old machine but it is mint and as I said, I only use it when on the road and just for email and browsing 

Thanks in advance 

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I haven't really tried other clients since the days of Eudora (yes...I'm that old!), but i recall hearing good things about "Spark", which is on the MacApp store and says it works with 10.13 or later. Whoops, I guess you have 10.11, so that won't help, alas...but it is possible there is an older version?

On another note: You say you have tried lots of things, but did you try removing all the mail files ( ./Library/Mail/V6... or perhaps an earlier version for your system). And perhaps also the preference files in ./Library/Preferences. It certainly is possible these got corrupted. If you are able to launch mail after moving these, say to the desktop...then you could re-import all your mail if you have some that is locally stored.

Rebuilding mailboxes has also helped me in the past, though you have to get mail launched first.