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[Solved] Mac Mini 2011 Multiple Monitors  




Does anybody know if it is possible to run 3 monitors from a 2011 Mac Mini, with 3 separate apps running in the monitors.  I was hoping that by using a thunderbolt dock of some description it might be possible?


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A device like this USB Video Adapter (only certified up through macOS 10.13.3) could add an additional monitor... perhaps.

Ok, so it seems like that’s probably the only route for this machine to support 3 monitors.  Can you see any obvious problems with using something like that? 

Unfortunately, yes. There are two, as I see them.

One is the compatibility issue. You’ll always need driver support for the specific macOS version you’re running.

The second is speed — This is happening over USB, not with an internal graphics card, so things will be slower than what you’d get with a native video port. Games would probably be out of the question, but if all you’re doing on that screen is general email/web browsing/pages/etc it probably will suffice.


Thank you very much everybody, it seems like the USB device might be the way to go.  The 3 screens would be for a slide show, the presenter screen and then iTunes/anything else required.  Certainly no gaming or anything intensive graphics wise.  And assuming the adaptor is 10.13.x compatible then it will suffice as this machine can’t be upgraded further anyway.

Again, thanks for everyone’s time who has contributed 👍



I know @johnfbraun has a (similar vintage?) Mac mini. Perhaps he can provide some perspective. 

I have the 2014 mac Mini, but looked into this, and first, Mactracker had more nuanced information regarding display support, they say for this model, if you have the Intel graphics it will support 1 Thunderbolt monitor, if you have the AMD it can support two Thunderbolt monitors.  But it looks like this Mac mini can support at most two monitors.  On my system I have one plugged into HDMI and one plugged into the DisplayPort with a DVI adapter.

So, a video solution that uses another port (like the USB 3 devices you found) may be an option.  I tested a device from AirTame a while back, it streams video to a Wi-Fi to HDMI adapter you plug into your display.  But, as Dave mentioned, bandwidth for these non-traditional solutions may be limited so while it will do for basic operation, no heavy lifting.


According to, this model Mac mini only support 2 monitors