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Mac Mini RAM issue?  



I have 2018 Mac Mini with the 3.2GHz Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and booting off of an OWC external 1TB SSD.  Every once in a while (I think after the kids are playing Roblox or Minecraft, but I haven't been able to pin down the exact culprit so that is just a guess) the computer shuts down automatically.  It's not while they are using it, it's only after.  

Could it be that I need to upgrade to more RAM?  I consistently see almost 6BG of RAM used even immediately on start up with no other users logged in or programs running.  I've run Malware Bytes and eliminated some nefarious software that way.  I've run Onyx, done a PRAM reset, and an SMC reset...the problem continues to return and the RAM usage is consistently between 5.5 and 6GB.  

There are two things I haven't done yet.  First, nuke and pave.  I don't have an external HD to do a clone.  I'm going to do that this weekend.  Second, I haven't run off of the Apple installed HD because it's too small for all of our pictures and music.  I bought the lowest capacity HD and RAM knowing that I was going to do an  aftermarket upgrade on the RAM and run an external SSD as my boot drive.

I don't run any crazy software, games, or the like...just the stock stuff and MS Office, Chrome, Evernote, and my wife has a couple of free image editors from the App Store. I've also asked the kids to make sure they close and quit Safari after they are done.  Is there a way to go into the crash logs and figure out what was open?

Thanks for any help!

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See if you have any panic reports.  If you do could you post one (or 2 or 3 - patterns on lack of patterns is important data points):
Look for the Kernel Panic reports at:
Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder -> /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports


The other possibility is that an app has a memory leak and has been creating lots and lots of virtual memory forcing the system to create /var/vm/swapfile*


If you acquire enough, I have seen a 32GB system just shutdown without a panic.  In my case I had over a 100 of these swap files, so I'm not worried about a couple.  I'm talking lots and lots of swapfiles



It wouldn't let me post the file (either pdf or ics), but here is a link to download a copy from my Google Drive.

I appreciate the help!


I think the issue might be the RAM itself. I say that because I upgraded the RAM on my 2018 Mini and it would stay up for a 3-10 minutes and then just shutdown. When i restored the original RAM it worked fine. So it is possible that it is your memory. So unless you are planning on upgrading the RAM already. You might want to take to the local Apple Store to have them check out the memory.


thanks! I will put in a call to Apple Support. Unfortunately we don't have an apple store or even a certified tech anywhere within an hour and a half so it will be mail in service.


First, if you have Apple original RAM, it is must less likely to fail.  3rd Party RAM does have a much higher failure rate.


Second, if it is failing RAM, then you will very likely have kernel panics, and you should be able to post a report, or post it on PasteBin, and give us a pointer

You can run Rember memory testing utility

Quit as many apps and background tasks as you can (such as menu bar items) so more RAM is available for testing.  Booting into Safe mode < > can also free up more RAM for testing, by not loading any 3rd party additions you may have installed.
Set Loops: [X] Maximum
and run overnight