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Mac Mini using Cinema HD??  



OK, I asked a question earlier about getting a Mac mini. Somebody answered it and it was helpful but I have been doing some more research and now I realize that I will not be able to hook up my cinema HD display. Or will I? Is there a way to hook up the cinema HD display and at that point, is it still worth it? Or am I going to need to buy a new display and at that point, should I just get an iMac?

What connectors does it have?

Is it this model

Requiring an ADC to DVI adapter?

If so it appears to be similar to todays 1080p monitors, which are very expensive.

Get 2 and have a dual monitor setup.

Or just get a 4K monitor.

There is nothing wrong with an iMac. I had one for 10 years.

But now I’m using a Macbook Pro with a 32” 4K monitor, and couldn’t be happier.

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Welllll...It's this one, which had  DVI adapter:

As for getting 2...I barely have room for this one

I would be happy with a mac mini...but only if I didn't have to buy a monitor.

I'm on a limited budget, so the less I have to spend the better.

There are adapters. Try these 2 articles

I just Googled for "thunderbolt to dvi to adc cinima display" and found these. There are more that you could read.


Great thanks a lot. So that’s it it’s a thunderbolt adapter. I wasn’t too sure so I thought I’d ask.


I am trying to do the same thing. That is, connect an older HD Cinema Display to a Mac Mini that I bought yesterday. I can use the DVI to HDMI connector that was included with my Mac Mini but the Cinema Display will not power on. The mini sees the Cinema display but the display will not turn on. The display works fine with my MacBook Pro but on the Mac Mini no go.


Any suggestions? I don't quite no how old the cinema display is, I bought it from a friend. I think it is at least 5 years old.

So it already comes with an HDMI adapter?