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[Solved] Mac OS Installer on Thumb Drive


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Hi all, and Happy New Year

I keep a Mac OS (Mojave) installer handy on a thumb drive.  Simple and quick question: Should I periodically update the thumb drive by downloading the current installer from the App Store and recreating the thumb drive installer after every major update?  Or, is it better to just keep it as it is, install with what's there, and then update the newly installed OS on the machine in question?  My gut feeling is I'd rather have the latest and greatest on the installer thumb drive, but maybe updating it periodically is overkill.  What say you?


Kenny in Jersey!

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I don't know how this got posted twice.



If my installer has been sitting dormant for a while, I typically update it when I need to use it.  If for some reason I can't update the installer at that moment I need it, I just assume I can update the new installation after I've installed.  

Or at least that's the way I've been rolling...and so far so good.