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Mac Pro 5,1: High Sierra or Mojave?  



Hi, I have a true 2010 Mac Pro 5,1 with the stock HD 5770 GPU card, 32 GB ram, PCI SSD, currently running El Capitan... as you know, El Cap has fallen off the support schedule, so it is past due time for an OS upgrade.  I tend to settle on a release for a few years before upgrading (see username), so the question is whether to go to High Sierra or Mojave.  Here is how I see it:

Pro High Sierra: no hardware upgrade needed, still OK to use HFS+

Con High Sierra: early releases had a bad reputation in tech press for bugs and weirdness, apparently doesn't get all the latest security fixes for CPU firmware

Pro Mojave: buys the most time before next upgrade, seems to have better reputation in tech press than HS, best support and security

Con Mojave: requires purchase of Metal-capable GPU ($150-$220, not a huge deal), loss of Filevault and Option-Boot disk selection

I'm especially curious about whether the things that I've highlighted in italics are likely true in your experience, since they would both push me towards installing Mojave. Thanks for your thoughts.

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What do you mean when you say "you need to flash it"?


hmm, if you check Apple requirement for Mohave, you need a Mac Pro 2013 to run it. While HS requires a Mac Pro mid 2010. Not sure I would change the GPU to try to go under the radar on the requirement, could spell trouble for some stuff as apps will anticipate no GPU support because of the defaults specs of that machine. I would go with High Sierra just to be safe. Just my 2 cents though, maybe someone with a Mac Pro will chime in.


Actually, the Mac Pro 5,1 is supported hardware according to Apple, if you have a Metal-capable GPU:

But you are correct that the stock machine is not compatible beyond High Sierra.  I think I am going to buy the card and just go for Mojave to be as well-supported and secure as possible.

hi guys,

I have upgraded to Mojave , you need to flash it. I have put in a 580 8gb card. I even get the boot screen . it runs really well. its a 5.1 2010 12 core