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[Solved] Mac vs. Windows Malware  

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I would normally write this kind of question directly to Dave, but in the spirit of embracing the forums I’ll do it here.

In a recent MGG, @Dave Hamilton was talking about things he learned at MacTech. He said, “Macs are now more vulnerable to malware than Windows. Let that sink in.”  I expected his next sentence to be some sort of supporting information for this statement, but it didn’t come. 

I know that Microsoft has mad vast strides in protecting Windows from malware, At the same time, Apple has continued to progress in protecting our Macs with Xprotect and the T2 chip and the Secure Enclave. I’ve not heard or read anything to suggest that Apple has slipped behind.

So @Dave Hamilton - can you give us some supporting documentation for your statement?

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Got the answer to my question just 4 minutes in.  Mr. Wardle did not say that Macs are more vulnerable to malware than Windows.  

As you can see in his attached chart, he said something quite different, which aligns with what I've been trying to say.  He said, "Macs are no more resistant to malware than their (modern) Windows counterparts."

mac malware

Still watching, some more info on his opinion.  around 18 minutes in, he has a chart that says "Macs are just as susceptible to vulnerabilities as their (modern) Windows counterparts ... if not more so!"

mac malware2

Ok, sounds like the same statement.  But he goes on to present the well-known fact that there are more CVEs for the Mac than there are for Windows. He also says that Mac vulnerabilities are cheaper than Windows vulnerabilities.  He thinks this means that the Mac ones are easier to find.

He supports that assumption by saying it’s not because there are fewer Macs.  If that was true then iOS vulnerabilities would be cheaper than Android vulnerabilities (more Android phones than iOS), but Android vulnerabilities are not less expensive, and he thinks it’s because iOS is harder to break.
He might be missing another reason. We know that Android phones are the cheap alternative and that those with money (higher value targets) tend to have iPhones.  So I don’t buy his argument as being definitive. It could be true but it doesn’t naturally follow.
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