Macbook Air updated to High Sierra, Time Machine please  




Updated to 10.13.6 in early July.  I am using an external drive for Time Machine backups.

Backups start normally,--take several hours but then do not finish and I get a failure message.  I have run disk utility on both MacBook Air and disk.  I have searched forums and not found clear answer for a fix.  Please see screenshots of TM messages and backup disk file contents.  Tried deleting the *.inprogress file and that did not fix issue.

Can anyone help please?  Thanks!


BU fail disk content aug 2018

Have you tried starting a brand new backup? It could just be Time Machine corruption.

Or is this happening with all backups, even brand new ones?

Thanks for a reply!  Yes, I tried a brand new backup,  even on a cleaned and empty and formatted external disk drive.  Made no difference.   I am completely out of ideas...


Ok, sure...