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MacBook Batteries Expanding - Need To Worry?


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Hi All, need your thoughts and suggestions. The batteries of the Mac I use at work have gradually expanded to the point that the lid/bezel has raised 1/8" from the body, and no longer sits flat on the desk. It's a 13-inch Early 2015 retina, purchased used well over a year ago. It's well over the warranty period.

I've brought this up with the boss several times, but it doesn't seem to be a priority. It's "too much of an inconvenience to have it at a repair place for too long" is the gist I'm getting.

What I'm afraid of, is that I come in one day and either: it's off and no longer turns on; works but the ports are damaged, crippling it; or something worse.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Yes.  You should have the battery replaced, or trade-in the laptop for a newer model.


If the batteries receive sufficient pressure to force internal battery components together, a fire could occur.  That is why it should be repaired, or replaced, and not left in your home as is.

@datafornothinandbitsforfree is absolutely correct. The expansion is normal for dying batteries and they should be replaced if any visible swelling is seen.