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Macbook Pro 2018 - Charging & RAM issues  



Just got the new MacBook Pro (15", i7, 512GB, 16GB RAM) and have been getting a few bugs. Maybe others have had similar issues and can help.

A lot of the time when plugging in the power adapter the noise indicates its charging, the bolt appears on the battery icon in the menu bar, but yet it still runs down the battery. Turns out it often shows as "Battery not charging".

Initially thought a problem with 3rd party power adapter, but still happens with supplied adapter (although less frequently. I've tried resetting the SMC which may have made a small difference, but not really fixed (and poor that less than a week in the SMC needed resetting). I've tried different power outlets etc...

Then it particularly has trouble with USB-C hubs. Got a very well reviewed one from Amazon that others have said can be used to easily charge laptop, connect HDMI to QHD monitor and a couple of other USB peripherals without problem. Works for me occasionally, sometimes just power, sometimes just monitor, but on a friends MBP 2018 it works every time for all ports.

Also suspect I may have an issue with RAM not being released when apps close. My previous laptop was 2013 MBP Retina 15" 16GB, and I didn't bump up against the limits of the RAM anywhere near as quickly. It often seems from the Activity Monitor that after quitting an application using a lot of RAM, the RAM consumption stays the same.


There's a bit there to digest, but has anyone else had similar issues? If so what has worked for you?

Also, while I believe the USB-C hub is fine as it appears to work on other MBP laptops, just in case can anyone recommend a sub £100 hub/dock that will deliver/pass-through enough power to charge, connect a QHD display and also run 1 or 2 other peripherals for short bursts?

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Hey Martin, nice machine, sorry to hear you're having problems with it. On the charging side, do you always use the USB-C hub for charging? I'm sure you tried to plug the cable that came with the machine and see if that charges your laptop correctly. I know you tried the adapter, but what about the cable, USB-C cables are the worst since they all use that name but may have very different specs. So if checked with Apple's cable AND adpater, maybe it's the hub that's at fault. Most USB-C hub on Amazon will supply only 60W, which is fine for the 13inch macbook pro, macbook air, and macbook, but NOT the 15in. So check that first. As for RAM, new computer, new system, brand new so maybe it still doing stuff in the background? If you have iStats menu, maybe check with that if something is always running in the process?