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MacBook Pro hard drive Question  



Hi everyone!  A few years ago (not sure when, but my pro was purchased around 2011...), MacBook Pro was stuffed, and I had someone out to fix it (apple certified).  He couldn't save the pro, but he did say that the hard drive was in tact.  At the time, I didn't have another computer to put it in to pull data from, so he pulled the hard drive out and I safely stowed it away.  I really want to get my photos off of the hard drive, but now I am not sure how to go about it.  Assume I just need a computer guy to do it for me, but will it be easy or is it going to cost me a bomb?  I now have a MacBook Air so I'm thinking that the photos are better off going onto an external drive? any help/advice would be great. I am not computer savvy really so please in layman terms!

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Search for a “USB 3 Drive Dock”


I would go even simpler than a drive dock, especially since you're thinking you want an external drive anyway. I would get an inexpensive enclosure for the disk. Then, you can the disk inside and run it with your Air just as you intend.

If your Air is from 2018 or later, just make sure you have an appropriate cable or adapter to connect the two.