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macOS 10.14.1 Public Beta bluetooth issues?  



At work I have a mid-2012 27" iMac running the latest macOS 10.14.1 Public beta.  I use a wired keyboard with it, but I also use a first generation Apple Trackpad.  Each night when I leave work I turn the trackpad off and put it in my desk drawer.  Each morning when I come in to work I - of course - get it out and turn it on.


I've been doing this for years and it's always worked flawlessly except for when the batteries wear down.  But since I've installed the 10.14.1 Public Betas on my iMac I've experienced an issue where once or twice a week I turn the trackpad on and it never connects to the iMac.  The batteries are fine (currently at 62%).  I end up connecting a regular mouse to the iMac and rebooting it and then the trackpad connects just fine.

Interestingly, when this happens you can't turn bluetooth off and back on via the menu bar item.

I've tried killing /usr/sbin/bluetoothd from the command line but that doesn't work ... i.e. the process won't die, even when killed with "kill -9".


I don't have another bluetooth device to test with to try to rule out the trackpad itself, but I don't think it's the trackpad as:  1) this didn't start happening until the 10.14.1 Public beta, and 2) the trackpad works fine after a reboot.


Anybody else seen this?  Thanks...


Old UNIX Guy

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That the menu bar icon is affected says to me it's not the trackpad itself. I'd suggest doing a reset of the "bluetooth module" on the iMac.... option-shift-click on the bluetooth icon, then choose debug > reset the bluetooth module. (Though if it is a beta macOS issue any fix might be temporary.)

All - I haven't reported this to Apple yet.  I'm giving Graham's suggestion a try and, if it doesn't help, then I will use the Feedback app to notify Apple.  Thanks...


Old UNIX Guy


Interesting. And good to know. It's (unsurprisingly) the first we've heard of it, but if it's an issue with the beta, then we might start hearing more. Hopefully if it is an issue with the beta Apple will address it... and to that end, have you submitted a bug report to them yet?


FYI.  You can attach a 2nd Gen Magic Trackpad to your iMac.  I did it with my Late 2009 27" iMac (I'm still doing it).  The trick was to attach it via the Lightning cable, and then I could pair it.

I had the 1st Gen Magic Trackpad (still have it in a drawer actually), and I would turn it off as well every night.

But the 2nd Gen I just leave it on 24/7.  It does not use much juice when it is not in use, and I only have to recharge every few months.

Maybe you can just do the same with your 1st Gen (leave it on), and then tell your Significant Other you want a 2nd Gen Magic Trackpad for Christmas 😀  

Oh, yea.  It would be nice if you actually gave this feedback to Apple via the special channel they should have told you about when you signed up for the Beta (not having signed up for a Beta myself, I do not know what it is, but I know when you signup they send you all kinds of information including where to report problems).