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[Solved] macOS 10.14.4 Public Beta 1 locks up iMac  



Don't have much to add to the subject line ... after 15-30 minutes my 2012 27" iMac locks up and has to be hard power-cycled.  I've got the spinning beach ball of death.  Even the clock in the menu bar, which I have set to display with seconds, stops updating.  But what's kind of weird is that I have a trackpad connected and I can move the beach ball around the screen, but can't click on anything.  Can't command-tab thru active apps.  Can't ssh to the machine from another machine (which I can normally do).  Machine doesn't respond to pings, but that's because I've told the firewall not to.


OK, so I had a little to add...


Anyone seen this?


Old UNIX Guy

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I'm not ready to declare victory yet, but I may have found the problem.  There was a piece of software that I installed and subsequently uninstalled (because it didn't work, despite what the vendor says) ... but it had some Launch Agents that didn't get deleted.  I deleted those and things have been better...


Old UNIX Guy


Safe mode is a great tool to figure out that some 3rd party addition is messing with your system. < >