Mail missing its viewer window  

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The containers folder is there for sandboxing.

A few messages back you mentioned the following:

I have removed the contents of ~/Library/Mail a couple times (no help),


Can you provide more on the no help part? After moving the Mail folder to the desktop what happened after launching Mail?

Concerning the logs and core data. The framework, Coredata, is an object graph manager. An object graph is a collection of objects that are connected to one another. Some of the objects Coredata manages can persist on disk. As a non-software developer with limited knowledge on Coredata it is hard to explain the log, at least for me but because Coredata manages object graphs for multiple apps and users I would venture to say that perhaps data can't be read by Mail but this is a very wild guess on my part.

I can't explain the log files at this point but for the sake of understanding the main issue…

  1. Please remove all those items we spoke of before you reported the log. This include the ~/Library/Mail and the plist files. In addition, please delete all files inside ~/Library/Caches folder. Perform these while Mail is not open.
  2. Restart or logout of your account and log back in to your account.
  3. After doing so, ensure that the is working as expected. Quit Contacts.
  4. Open System Preferences>Internet Accounts.
  5. Select your accounts one by one and turn off those that have the Mail option turned on.
  6. Launch Mail.
  7. If necessary start turning on accounts one by one, not all at once from the Mail>Accounts menu.

Report back.

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No help = no change in behavior. Mail launches, goes thru the Import step, and leave me in the same spot. No windows, most menu items greyed out, including 'New Viewer Window'.

Yes I also noticed Address Book errors in Console. But Contracts opens and functions fine.

Yes all Finder changes I do are with Mail not running.

Unfortunately Restarts and Logouts are tough with TeamViewer QuickSupport. I know there are other screensharing options.


sorry no help but valuable question  


Turned out to be an unsolvable problem in the time my friend allowed me to work on it.  Have moved onto Spark.

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