Mailsuite 1.0  



Is anyone else less than impressed with mailsuite.  I know there is a pretty loyal following of mail acton and mail tags but the mailsuite 1.0 app came out late and the versions I have been using have essentially locked up mail on my Mac.  The website says it should be considers a beta but I run a lot of beta and this software is really at alpha,.  Also the updates are coming infrequently.  Alais the old version does not work on Mohavi.  I want to get to a place where I can ask some power users how to tag mail on my iOS device so that it can be acted on on my Mac running Mohave but what I would settle for is for some advice on how to leave mailsuite installed and still be able to use mail.  

If there is thread discussing this please send me a link

Thanks David...


I’ve been using MailSuite since the early betas, and running Mail Act-On and SigPro (but NOT MailTags), has been remarkably smooth for me. I think @Johnfbraun runs just SigPro and also has been having good luck.

Of course, those two were largely the same as their previous versions. MailTags, however, changed dramatically. Have you written into support with the issues you’re seeing with it?


I have just been using Mail Butler. I know it is not as complete a solution, but it works for me and has been updated recently. It accomplishes the things I want satisfactorily. 

I tried to get into tagging but never could really get a tag taxonomy that worked for me.


@bigfreezer -- what functions are you using in Mail Butler?