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Mailsuite 1.0


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Is anyone else less than impressed with mailsuite.  I know there is a pretty loyal following of mail acton and mail tags but the mailsuite 1.0 app came out late and the versions I have been using have essentially locked up mail on my Mac.  The website says it should be considers a beta but I run a lot of beta and this software is really at alpha,.  Also the updates are coming infrequently.  Alais the old version does not work on Mohavi.  I want to get to a place where I can ask some power users how to tag mail on my iOS device so that it can be acted on on my Mac running Mohave but what I would settle for is for some advice on how to leave mailsuite installed and still be able to use mail.  

If there is thread discussing this please send me a link

Thanks David...

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I have just been using Mail Butler. I know it is not as complete a solution, but it works for me and has been updated recently. It accomplishes the things I want satisfactorily. 

I tried to get into tagging but never could really get a tag taxonomy that worked for me.


Mailsuite is great for Mac mail....but the plugin breaks at every new Mac OSX....Smallcubed provides an update but it comes as a payed Upgraded.....this is a subscription yearly model!


I’ve been using MailSuite since the early betas, and running Mail Act-On and SigPro (but NOT MailTags), has been remarkably smooth for me. I think @Johnfbraun runs just SigPro and also has been having good luck.

Of course, those two were largely the same as their previous versions. MailTags, however, changed dramatically. Have you written into support with the issues you’re seeing with it?

I have written support but it was right after the beta came out.  I just saw they released what they are calling the non beta version 1.0.5.  mail still running slow when small cubed installed....

It looks like it has to look through all my mail stored on my google and iCloud accounts.  That is a lot of mail to have to download from the server  right now I have 51,000 plus mails waiting to down load from my accounts in the activity window.  It has been doing this for days.

David How do you use Mall Act-on in your work flow?  Do you create rules in mail or in your gmail account that Act-on can act on?  Is there a way to make a modification to a incoming mail in MacIOS?  It would be great to tag an incoming mail on my iPhone during the day and then be able to pull those emails into some work flow on my Mac so I can triage them at the end fo the day.  Does anyone out there have a reasonable workflow for their mail that makes them more productive 


@bigfreezer -- what functions are you using in Mail Butler?

Sorry for the late reply. I have to get better at checking in on this forum page.

I primarily use the delayed send/undo send, Unsubscribe, and the Follow Up functionality with Mail Butler. I currently am not using the paid version, but am considering making the upgrade. I would use the Snooze function more but I use Sanebox for snoozing emails and that works better for me.


I see that it's out of beta now and I wondered if anyone has a view on the latest version. I used to use MailTags a lot (though I don't really seem to have missed it!)


I have been using MailSuite since the beta, and it's been working very well for me, especially lately. 

That said, I don't use MailTags, which is where the biggest changes happened, so it's possible my use of SigPro and Mail Act-On aren't really the test you were looking for. 😉


Fair point, @bily. I don't mind paying because I really find value in both SigPro and Mail Act-On. But you're right: this is effectively an annual subscription now. I'm just happy they're successful and in business and making the tools I rely upon.

indeed once it works this is a must have for Mac mail users. I have had for several years and it would be hard to work without it..