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Malwarebytes - uninstall it?  



I have Malwarebytes free installed, installed recently after hearing it mentioned on MGG. It seems to always be running (icon in the top bar). Is this taking up enough resources to be concerned about?

I have Automator setup to open the app and click the SCAN button weekly.

Haven't found any malware so maybe I'm better off uninstalling?

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My advice on MalwareBytes is to download the free version run it, then uninstall it.


At the moment, there is no self-propagating malware for the macOS.  All of it needs you to aid in the installation, often by tricking you to do the install, or by being a side-load when you are installing something you want.


So you only need to run MalwareBytes after you have installed something, and to get the lastest free malware checks, you download a new free copy.


MalwareBytes has been one of the best utilities for finding malware targeted at Macs, without wasting your time looking for Windows malware that cannot affect your Mac.  And if you uninstall it after you have checked your system, it does not waste any of your resources.


That is my 2 cents


I tend to leave it installed on my clients' machines after I have made sure to deactivate the "premium" mode/licence. When it is running in free mode I believe it is just periodically checking for updates to its malware definition database & updates for its own code. So I don't think it is taking significant resources. For those clients the ease of being able to use a couple of clicks to get confirmation of no malware outweighs any running costs.

Certainly hide it from the menu bar if you're already cramped for menu bar space - or use Bartender to hide the icon in the secondary menu bar.

To be paranoid.... I wouldn't want to rely on being able to download a new copy of MBAM when/if I wanted to do a scan as there is certainly some malware that might break the ability to connect to some/all web sites.