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Messages not registering their folder in search in Mail  



This is a weird one. I have a client with a very comprehensive folder tree in Mac Mail. The account is a G Suite account. He organizes most messages he receives into folders. For some messages though he will do a search, and the folder will show "All Mail" -- whereas if he opens the message in the folder it's in, the message indicates it's in that folder. If he goes ahead and re-files the message, the message will then show up in it's appropriate folder when doing a search. It's a head scratcher. Any thoughts of dealing with this? He has hundreds of mailboxes so it's not necessarily appetizing to try and rebuild each one. Trying to attach screenshots but there appears to be a problem uploading them to the forum. The label is applied appropriately if you find the message in gmail.


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This is probably a by-product of the fact that Gmail/Google uses labels rather than folders and IMAP protocol uses folders.

Any one message within Gmail can have multiple labels. eg. I use it for my tennis club and my automated filtering can cause a message to get all 4 of the labels: Tennis, Webguy, SpamAssassin, Inbox

An IMAP client such as Mail presents the labels as folders but when interacting with Google there has to be a translation. This is likely where confusion happens.