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Metadata and Exif Data excluded from Shared Albums  


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I recently signed up for additional iCloud storage so I could upload my photos from Apple Photos. I’ve been scanning some very old family photos and assigning metadata, such as names and locations to individual photos. I created a shared album on my Mac and invited my two sons to view their ancestors’ photos, many of whom they don't know. I’m also planning on inviting other family members to share any photos that they might have. Unfortunately, when you create a shared album in Photos, the metadata AND the exif data do not follow the photos to that shared album. Not only that, but even if I were willing to duplicate my work of assigning the data, Photos will not let me add it to the photos in the shared album. While the Apple rep I spoke to didn’t tell me that "it’s not a bug, it’s a feature,” she did say that it is an “expected behavior.”

I'm open to suggestions from you learned folks, even if it means <GULP> spending money.

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I haven't tried this but you could look at MetaImage don't know if it would work with shared images though, or if everybody would need it for it to work.

Thanks for your reply; sorry that I didn't look for it until now.


No answers, but a few suggestions / thoughts:

1) ensure Photos preferences / Metadata: "Include location information for published items" is checked. I don't expect this will help with Faces, but may affect other metadata.

2) I suspect Faces is excluded from shared albums. So an alternative is to export (from your master folder, not the shared on) to a new library. Then to provide that library copy to your sons. I recommend PowerPhotos  from FatCat for importing/exporting/merging libraries. This approach is clunky but it will preserve the meta-data of your "shared" photos.

3) For the photos from others in your shared album, import them to your library. Then you will be able to edit your version (not in the shared album). Of course if others have already added metadata to their versions, you may want to receive an exported library from them.

4) Another approach to identifying and then sharing with identities of people in the photos would be to; (1) use faces to label people (working in your master library, not the shared album) (2) Use Smart Albums to get a small set (maybe just a single face) (3) use Photos Keywords, or descriptions, or MetaImage as Jeff mentioned, to add the names to a field for all of the affected photos.


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Thanks for your answer; sorry for not seeing it until just now.