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MGG 870 Patrick-QT-Use Corners of Login Screen for On-Screen Keyboard


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Hi folks!

I was looking forward to trying Patrick’s quick tip (0034 Patrick-QT-Use Corners of Login Screen for On-Screen Keyboard), but can’t get it working at all or find any supporting evidence that it works!

If Patrick sees this, would he please show us a screen-capture of it working or share his method?

We often get customers Macs with keyboard problems and they can't log in to disable Find My etc, so this would be super handy for cases like that



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Available in MacOS 10.14 and up.

Here you go.

Related but no particular to your question:



@alex-santos Thanks for taking the time to post this Alex.

While it is a useful option to have, I must have misunderstood the original tip and wasn't aware it needed to be enabled beforehand.

I was hoping that if a customer came to me with a broken keyboard, we could use this to log in quickly without having to attach an external keyboard (via an adapter in most cases!)