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Missing Notes Account


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The Notes option is missing from one of my iCloud accounts. I’ve checked it on my iPhone and Mac. It is present on though. How do I restore the option to turn it on on my iPhone and Mac?

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Even though you have the same problem on both Mac and iPhone, I wonder if this is a problem with some system preference plist file. For example (at least on MacOS 10.14) the file


is updated when I open system preferences. More generally there are a number of plist files there that mention iCloud.  Try trashing one or more of these files and logging out and in?

You could also log out of iCloud on your computer/iPhone and then log back in? Perhaps give it a bit of time between to update its cloud databases.

One of the standard ways to investigate such things--as they often say on MacGeek Gab--is to try another user  account on the same computer... I guess this does not address the fact that you have the same problem on both Mac and iPhone though.

Just some, probably not greatly useful, possibilities...