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[Solved] Mojave and 32-bit apps  



I've read that Mojave will be the last macOS that supports 32 bit apps.  I've also read that High Sierra is the last macOS that supports 32 bit apps "without compromise."

The only 32 bit app that I'm currently using that I have not found a replacement for is FileMaker Pro (I'm on version 12).  The current version, 17, is now only sold as FileMaker Pro Advanced, and costs $540.  Since my needs are personal, I can't justify that kind of expense.

Does anyone know what compromises Apple foresees in Mojave?
Or, maybe a better question is does anyone know a good FMP alternative?
Or even, why did they kill Bento? 🙂

2 Answers

You might be able to upgrade to FileMaker Pro 15, which is 64-bit capable. This post on the FileMaker Forums has more detail.


I wish they hadn't killed Bento -- it had a lot of promise and I haven't been able to find a replacement for it. My guess is that relational databases are just too difficult for people to understand and create well. In fact, just this past weekend I exported data from a custom-made FileMaker database because they want to go back to using Excel. Sigh.

You might look into Airtable. I've been able to use it for some things, even though it's quite limited. It's not truly a database program, and it's a web app.

Thanks, Margaret,

I'll look again at Airtable, but from what I recall, we'd max out the 1200 record limit for the free version fairly quickly, and I chafe against subscription software.  I know it seems the way of the future, but even $10/month adds up over time.  FMP12 has been great for the last six years (at ~$300), and I used FMP8 for six years before that.  Six years of Airtable would cost me over $700, way more than purchasing the current FMP17.  

And I really don't need the power/complexity of a relational database.  All I need is an app that can track an inventory, one that allows me to include images.  A good flat file database should handle this fine, but I simply haven't found one.

I've downloaded an app called Records ($14.99 in the App Store), but haven't yet had the time to dedicate to it.  It might have potential.  I've also found an app called Tap Forms, but don't yet know anything about it other than it's $50.