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Mojave freezes on my. Fusion drive iMac27  


 The Mojave installer froze several times after selecting the drive and clicking OK  on my late.2012 27” iMac with a fusion drive. I had to do a hard restart.I tried starting up in Safe mode and zapping the Pram to no avail. Mojave installed perfectly on my new MBP 15”.
What little I found on the web didn’t help and I was going to play around more but ran out of gas (me, that is). So I thought I'd come to the right place to see if others are having similar issues.


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My drive passes all tests. My plan is to reinstall high Sierra the. Try again🤷🏻‍♂️ 

Mojave installed!

I disconnected all my external drives; turned off any newer processes in my menu bar and the install worked!!

Not sure which intervention allowed the installation but I couldn't bring myself to do it one by one. 



Interesting, @rongor. Have you run Disk First Aid (or some third-party Utility) on the disk to make sure it's OK? That's often the cause for these types of issues.

And, just asking the obvious questions, are you running low (<3GB) on disk space?


Also, @brent-guiliano had similar issues that forced him to reformat and install Sierra again from Internet Recovery before being able to install Mojave.

Actually, the installer froze my whole system within seconds of pushing OK and I checked my system recently but worth a recheck.  Would disconnecting any external drives help?