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Mojave: PS4 controller (bluetooth) battery status  



My PS4 Controller (DualShock 4) is connected via bluetooth to my Mac (Mojave) and is working.


I can't see the status of the battery: looks like empty, but is full loaded (see attached file)

Does anyone have a connected controller and can see the loading status of the battery?


@frank37 — seems your attachment didn't make it through. Would you add that to the thread? 

2 Answers

I would reset the SMC on your Mac. I am afraid I don't have that setup even though there is a PS4 in the house with that very controller. I do know that the controller is a standard BT device so there is no reason the Mac should not be able to probe battery life from the controller.

You could also try toggling Bluetooth on and off on the Mac.

I assume the device does correctly show up in the System Report Window (About this Mac>System Report>Bluetooth.


Hi...I searched the forum but I can only find a script for checking the battery for a wireless PS3 controller/six axes. But I'm rocking 2 DS4 controllers through bluetooth and it would be very handy to have an indicator or even a script to give me some indication of the battery percentage of my connected controllers.