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Mouse-free Mojave login  



Hello friends!

Is it still possible to login with text fields for the username and password in mojave? I've tried both startup options: List of Users and Name & Password, but the setting appears to do nothing. My login screen always shows icons for each user account, and an icon must be clicked (after waiting for the bluetooth trackpad to connect) to show the password field.

I'd love a mouse-free login process!


(Moderated: The OP appears to have been a spammer but this topic generated some replies of interest so it has been tentatively approved)

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3 Answers

That sounds like the FileVault request for an account allowed to decrypt the boot disk. 

And im not sure if the login options affect that. 


Looks like MartinBaker may be a spammer but the question sent me off to Google and I found this article with some tips about the macOS login window (though I haven’t checked if they all apply to the login screen when FileVault is enabled)


I’m not sure about the issue with the Name & Password option not working, but you can definitely use the keyboard to select users from among the list. Just press the first letter of a user name and press Return. You can also arrow from one user to the next.

If you inadvertently choose the wrong user, you can Escape from the password field back to the user list.