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Move Home back to Startup Disk  



I read Ted Landau's article in TMO, "Mac Pro SSD and Hard Drive Combo: How and Why" Apr 1st, 2011. I too grew tired of my slow 2009 Mac Pro and opted for an SSD, but the biggest I could get was 2TB. At the time my startup disk was almost 4TB. I was also forced to move my Home directory to another hard drive. This has worked fine and I've enjoyed the lightening speed of the SSD, but now I'm to the point where I can't upgrade to the current system software. I looked at the new Mac Pro, drooled, and then realized it was beyond my budget. Instead I've purchased a Refurbished 27-inch iMac Pro 3.2GHx 8-core with 64GB memory and a 4TB SSD. That gives me enough room to consolidate the Home director with the startup system.

That brings me to my question: Have you updated to a newer machine and if so, have you moved your Home directory back to the system drive? Either way, do you have any suggestions for me to bring my Home directory home?

Joe Richardson

Did you move your home directory by editing the System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Control-Click on user -> Advanced Options?

If so, then just reverse the process.

Basically copy your home directory back to /Users, then change the the Advanced options to point to your home new home directory, then logout and login again.

Best to re-read the original move instructions as most of the steps will be similar just done in a different direction.

Yes, did as you described. I figured the approach would be as you described, but wanted to check. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for your quick reply.

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