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Moving the cursor to the end in file name, but before the "."


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When saving a file in a program and I want to modify the file name, I would like a quick way to move the cursor to the end of the file name but BEFORE the .(extension)

I know I can just use the arrow Left-Right-Up-Down but that takes me to end of each word/number or AFTER the .(extension).
Is there some other key combo so I can get there in one move?
Example:  Hanna_#1245 _V0I0694_(16x20)_TEST_#2.psd
I want to insert text right before .psd


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Well, from a Safari window, if I choose File > Save the filename is already selected. If I then hit the right arrow key from the keyboard I reach the end of the filename just before the '.extension'

If that is not the answer, maybe I misunderstood the question, if I do

control (option) right/left arrow when on a line of text will move the cursor one word at a time.

control (option) up/down will move the cursor up and down one paragraph at a time

Command-right arrow will bring the cursor to the end of a line

Command-left arrow will being the cursor to the start of a line

Command-up/down arrow will bring me to the top/bottom of a block of text respectively.


Example:  Hanna_#1245 _V0I0694_(16x20)_TEST_#2.psd
I want to insert text right before .psd
If the file name is not selected by default what you can do is bring the cursor to the start of the name. It should be at the start already.
Then do the following.
Control-shift-right arrow until all the text you want is selected. It will move one word at a time.
Command-shift-right arrow will select everything from the cursor position to the first dot or perhaps to the very end so it could be that the control-shift right arrow is more feasible for you but you might have to hit right arrow a few times.
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