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Need help with Final Cut/Photos sync  



I am editing a video using videos I made with the camera on my phone. The photo albums have synced between my phone and mac via icloud. When I am in Final Cut, none of the recent photos and videos can be imported. The only ones that are available are from 3 days ago. I know I can use airdrop, but I just  want the simplicity of the media library import. Any ideas? I think I have tried the usual suspects  (restarting, cache, quitting and relaunching)

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Hello @Isinger9404

Seeing that you have no reply and a month or so has transpired I can only offer this article for review. Please read it from top to bottom, roughly 2 min read. There may be something unaccounted for, perhaps.

Import into Final Cut Pro from Photos

Check the user manual as well.

Also, check this. If the Media Browser doesn't show your entire Photos library

I believe this one may be relevant.

I sincerely apologize that this is all I can personally offer as I don't use FCPX.

Kind regards


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