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Need to figure out how to monitor changes on Eero's Dashboard  



I've been an Eero Pro Installer for a few years now and have been loving it. When I set up a network for a client through the app I am able to transfer the network to them to view in their app, but I still get some diagnostics on my Eero Dashboard on Eero's Pro website. The dashboard tells me some basic things, including if a network is down or if an Eero device is offline. It's super useful and I love being able to contact a customer and let them know I'm detecting an outage. It makes them feel cared for. 

The big problem I'm having is the Eero dashboard doesn't offer the ability to email me when there's an outage. 🙁 This means I must manually check the dashboard to see if a network goes offline. For obvious reasons this is super inefficient. I have checked out a couple of sites that monitor changes on other sites such as urlooker and Visualping, however these sites aren't able to get past Eero's 2FA. 

Can anyone help me figure this out? Finding a way to get this solved would be worth a ton of thanks and even some $ for me. 🙂


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The first thought I have is what I do (of course!): I have a Fingbox on my network and have it set to alert me when a specific device (aka my eero Beacon) goes offline.

Of course, that gets expensive to put a monitoring device inside someone's network, but... it's one way.


Interesting thought! That's $100 extra per network but good to know it's possible.