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need to get isight to work again  



A friend just upgraded her Mac and gave me her 2015 MBP with Mojave.  She wiped the drive and installed 1 user telling me to replace the user with me.  The webcam has not worked since but the green light comes on when an ap calls for the camera.  I've tried the sudo commands in youtube to no avail.  Is there a way to do a "reset" like we did when we could remove the battery and then push power?  seemed to jolt-fix a number of things.


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The two obvious "reset" steps you could try are SMC & NVRAM - as per these generic instructions pasted below:

1) SMC reset - laptop (2 minutes)

• Shut down the computer.

• Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not already connected.

• On the built-in keyboard, press the (left side) Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time.

• Release all the keys and the power button at the same time. (Do this a couple of times if you're unsure.)

• Press the power button to turn on the computer.  

Note: The LED on the MagSafe power adapter may temporarily change colour or turn off when you reset the SMC. 


2) NVRAM reset (2 minutes)

• Shut down your Mac.

• Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Command (⌘), Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 4.

• Turn on the computer.

• Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys before the gray screen appears.

• Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound, or see the big Apple icon, for the second time.

• Release the keys.

Yes, I've tried those.  The worked fine to get my 17" MBP to perk up  And it also fixed the issue with not finding the wireless card  BUT only when I was told to remove the battery and power cord and to push the power button before the restart.  That might fix this unibody  but I am convinced we must somehow drain the main board of all juice like we did on that 17" model 1261.  BTW, I bought that new at Best buy and now it is 10 years, 3 months old and running quite well. So how hard to remove the bottom of this one and hold power button  w/Bat unplugged??