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New Computer, Router, or Service provider?


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Hey Dave and John F. Braun,

How can I tell if my computer or router is dying. I changed service companies last year because the cost of my old company was becoming erratic. They couldn't give me a definitive cost on my service and it changed every month (I was also only getting 100 Mbps). I changed to another company (Spectrum) because my bill is consistent and they promised me 400 Mbps. It seems that some days it is fast and other times, the internet is slow to connect OR the program on my computer cannot load. Is this a computer problem or internet problem. I will also say that sometimes the Roku, AppleTV, even our phones don't want to connect at times or are very slow to do so. Is there a program or method to distinguish my problem.

 Even now, It took 15-20 seconds to open the 'About this Mac" screen.


I hope I have given you enough information. I think I've been caught!



Prattville, Alabama