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I have a 2013 iMac that i had been looking to replace and was excited for the release. However, due to no redesign, I don't think i am getting one. The problem i have, i am an avid photographer, and my current iMac struggles with the size of the images files i currently work on (up to 2 or more gb in PS).

I  have a 2016 macbook pro that was maxed out (for its time) which, i think, can run PS a bit better?

Wanted opinions on either new iMac or dock and external display for the 2016 MBP...i am guessing its going to be a while for a redesigned 27 (or more) inch iMac now...


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> 2GB files are big indeed.

It might be worth considering some analysis first

Is the machine performing slowly while open in PS or is the issue with opening and saving files?

Do you have a dedicated volume to act as a scratch disk? Is that disk an SSD or rotational volume? What data path is it on, thunderbolt would be ideal because it can handle data read/write without a problem.

What about RAM, is your Mac maxed out?

Have explored all the relevant PS settings to ensure it is running as efficiently as it can? Things like scratch volume, GPU assisted rendering and the like do help. RAM helps.

It would be helpful if you detail what you mean by "struggles", I've provided some points above that can help you consider how to reduce the struggle. I know what you mean but not the specifics.

In summary, at least for now I would say that CPU is not everything but I am sure you know this already. It helps but 2GB files represent a lot of data to open, it might mean a lot of layers, saving, disk scratch, RAM, disk throughput and I am repeating myself.

Chime back if you need more help.

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Also see


I took some time to see if I could find a specific solution for your ginormous images although from what I can see, this is not about processing images, only saving and opening, still I think it might help.

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