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No idea how to record audio from the internet on my Mac Mini  




I have a new Mac Mini and have no idea how I can record audio from the internet. Quicktime says I have no microphone. I had no idea I would no longer be able to record audio from the internet. I have used QT and other software in the past on my previous macs. Can someone point me to an article or such to get this configured on my Mac Mini? 

Thank you, 

Lou Ann

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Well it is correct that there is no mic on that system. I "discovered" and was surprised by the same when trying to make FaceTime audio calls from my 2018 Mac mini. Since you need to only record audio from the internet, you could use an app like Audio Hijack and/or Loop Back from Rogue Amoeba (  

If you want to avoid a paid the risk of installing kernel extensions from the internet, you can look into Sound Flower. See note on Rogue Amoeba's website.


I believe the same problem exists with any kind of app requires an input source which doesn't seem to exist on my Mac Mini. I have tried to use QT and Audacity - get error messages with Audacity. However, I am going to give Audio Hijack a try since they claim if "you can hear it, you can record it."

Yup - if you have no input sources some apps may get cranky. The screenshot below shows a "new" audio source called "Safari Loopback" created by "Loopback 2". This source is selectable in Quicktime via "New Audio Recording".



Thank you! I have installed Audio Hijack which I have used previously and, IT WORKS!!!

Thank you again.
Lou Ann