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Has anyone else found themselves going down the deep, multi-textured, insanely beautiful rabbit hole that is Notion?

To say that I'm crazy about it is an understatement. It's like Excel and Minecraft made a lovechild. Things I'm working on doing with it:

1. Bringing employee time tracking over from google sheets

2. Migrating my customer database/CRM over from Hubspot

3. Integrating and linking the two together.

4. Sharing a page within Notion to customers after a session so they can track hours, billing, and steps for future work.

5. Migrating all of my Evernote data over

6. Creating a database for installer files and the like for my staff

7. To do list/project management

8. Contractor manual

And it's FREE for me, so far, with all of that. Someone stop me. 😹

The only thing that I'm still working on is how to create templates or quickly populate fields. @davehamilton Keyboard Maestro anyone??!